WGSS 305 Fall 2013 Women&Gender Mid Eastern Hist

Cross Listed as HIST306, INST306, ARAB306
Contrary to the stereotypical image of an unchanging, universally oppressed Middle Eastern woman, the experiences of women in the Middle East have not remained static across time and place. We will begin by framing questions of current interest, such as the veil, women's rights in Islamic law, and female access to economic resources and political power. We will then examine the foundations of these issues in religious scriptures, legal treatises, historical narratives, and biographical accounts from the pre-modern Middle East. By investigating how issues of modern relevance have been approached throughout history, we will learn to appreciate the diversity of Middle Eastern women's lived experiences and to combat stereotypes with careful historical arguments.
Class Format: lecture/discussion
Requirements/Evaluation: class participation; three short (2-3 page) response papers; one medium-length essay (8-10 pages) and accompanying oral presentation
Additional Info: and a collaborative project (the creation and execution of a dramatic performance of Middle Eastern women's life stories, in monologue form)
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Prerequisites: none
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Divisional Attributes: Division II
Other Attributes: ARAB Arabic Studies Electives, HIST Group E Electives - Middle East
Enrollment Limit: 25
Expected Enrollment: 20-25
Class Number: 1984
WGSS305-01(F) LEC Women&Gender Mid Eastern Hist Division 2: Social Studies Elizabeth Urban
MR 1:10 PM-2:25 PM Hopkins Hall 002 1984
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