ASTR 330 The Nature of the Universe

Last offered Spring 2014

This course is a journey through space and time from the first 10-43 seconds to the ultimate fate of the Universe billions of years in the future. Topics include inflation, conditions during the first three minutes, creation of the elements, stellar and giant black holes, the Big Bang and its remnant cosmic background radiation, relativity, galaxies and quasars, the large scale structure of the Universe. We will explore current ideas about the future of the Universe, in particular the acceleration of the Universe's expansion, and its implications for the end of time.
Class Format: lecture/discussion, three hours per week
Requirements/Evaluation: evaluation will be based on two hour tests, a small observing portfolio, occasional quizzes, and a final exam
Additional Info: to be eligible for the Gaudino grade, which stipulates "intellectual presence," a student must demonstrate commitment to engaging the course material in all its aspects: lectures, reading, quizzes, homework, observing, and exams
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Prerequisites: none; open only to juniors and seniors; closed to students who have taken or are taking ASTR 104, and closed to ASTR, ASPH, or PHYS majors
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Department Notes: non-major course; course in the 33X sequence are meant as general education courses for students in all majors
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Divisional Attributes: Division III
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Enrollment Limit: 48
Expected Enrollment: 48
Class Number: 3006
ASTR 330 LEC The Nature of the Universe Division 3: Science and Mathematics Karen B. Kwitter
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