ENGL 390 Spring 2014 Donne, Shakespeare, and Wroth (W)

Cross Listed as WGSS390
"Wit! Wonder-exciting vigour, intenseness and peculiarity of thought," Samuel Coleridge wrote, "this is the wit of Donne!" There are no greater, wittier, or more daringly original lyric poems in the English language than Donne's Songs and Sonnets, Shakespeare's Sonnets, or Mary Wroth's Pamphilia to Amphilathus, the first collection of secular poems written and published by an Englishwoman. This tutorial will explore the following questions. What are these writers' stylistic characteristics? How peculiar or unconventional are these poems, and what innovations do they seek? What is the impact of their coterie audience? How do questions of sexuality and gender animate these poems? To what extent are biography and history pertinent or helpful in understanding this poetry? Why have these poems inspired such provocative critical responses from modernists, and more recently, post-modernists and gender studies?
Class Format: tutorial; students will meet with the instructor in pairs for an hour each week
Requirements/Evaluation: students will write a 5- to 7-page paper every other week (five in all), and comment on their partners' papers in alternate weeks
Additional Info: May not be taken on a pass/fail basis
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Prerequisites: a 100-level ENGL course, or a score of 5 on the AP English Literature exam, or a score of 6 or 7 on the Higher Level IB English exam
Enrollment Preference: English and WGSS majors or potential majors
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Divisional Attributes: Division I, Writing Intensive
Other Attributes: ENGL Literary Histories A
Enrollment Limit: 10
Expected Enrollment: 10
Class Number: 4034
ENGL390-T1(S) TUT Donne, Shakespeare, and Wroth (W) Division 1: Languages and the ArtsWriting Intensive Ilona D. Bell
TBA 4034
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