PHIL 389 The Structural-Systematic Philosophy

Last offered Spring 2014

The structural-systematic philosophy (SSP) is a theory that, if completed, would qualify as a philosophical theory of everything. Central aspects of this theory are presented in Structure and Being (SB; by Lorenz Puntel, translated by and in collaboration with Alan White, 2008), Being and God (BG; by Lorenz Puntel, translated by and in collaboration with Alan White, 2011), and Toward a Philosophical Theory of Everything (TAPTOE; by Alan White, 2014). We begin by reading and discussing TAPTOE. Thereafter, topics for further investigation will be determined in significant part by student interests. Some might want to examine specific sections of SB and/or BG, others might want to develop objections to the SSP from other philosophical perspectives, considering what (if anything) is said about those other perspectives in SB, BG, and/or TAPTOE. One unique opportunity is provided by the fact that the Metaphysical Society of America (MSA) will meet at Williams in April 2014. Several of the essays presented at that meeting will be devoted to question(s) of being. We will be able to read those essays in advance, comparing them with each other and with the theory of being sketched in TAPTOE. Interested students would then have the option of attending the MSA sessions devoted to those essays.
Class Format: seminar
Requirements/Evaluation: attendance, participation, regular short papers and/or presentations, 10- to 15-page term paper
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Prerequisites: any PHIL course or permission of instructor
Enrollment Preference: Philosophy majors and potential majors, then by seniority (Seniors, then Juniors, then Sophomores, then First-Years)
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Divisional Attributes: Division II
Other Attributes: PHIL Contemp Metaphysics & Epistemology Courses
Enrollment Limit: 15
Expected Enrollment: 5-10
Class Number: 3336
PHIL 389 SEM Structural-Systematic Phil Division 2: Social Studies Alan White
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