PSYC 333 Foundations of Cognition

Last offered Spring 2014

This course will broadly cover various aspects of early cognitive development and will include topics such as memory, numerical cognition, language acquisition, and understanding of other social beings. We will focus on aspects of the human mind that are present early in life and explore how these early systems evolve into more mature cognition. Students will be required to critically read seminal works that shaped the field and also examine new developments in the literature. All students will focus on a specific area of interest by conducting an original empirical research project.
Class Format: empirical lab course
Requirements/Evaluation: active participation, regular thought papers and class presentations, midterm exam, written report and oral presentation on an original empirical research project
Additional Info: may not be taken on a pass/fail basis; not available for the Gaudino option
Additional Info2:
Prerequisites: PSYC 201 and PSYC 232
Enrollment Preference: Preference will be given to Psychology majors
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Material and Lab Fees:
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Divisional Attributes: Division II
Other Attributes: PSYC Area 3 - Developmental Psychology
Enrollment Limit: 16
Expected Enrollment: 12
Class Number: 3544
PSYC 333 SEM Foundations of Cognition Division 2: Social Studies Mariko Moher
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