WGSS 402 Global Sex: Identities, Migration, Globalization (D)

Last offered Spring 2014

This course reveals how different cultures construct sexual identities, and what happens when dominant paradigms (i.e. the Euro-American LGBT model) become enmeshed in globalization, capitalism, and consumerism. Why do we find gay bears and drag queens trafficking in North American iconography flourishing in countries like Brazil and South Africa? Why does Madonna still turn out gay crowds in Indonesia and Russia? As global gay culture spreads, what happens to people with their own local conceptions of gender/sexuality (e.g., "Two Spirit" Native Americans?) How have free trade and the internet transformed queer lives, queer sex, and people's understandings of their sexual selves? We begin with a focus on alternative gender/sexual formations around the world. Next we ask what happens when it`s not only identities that are on the move, but actual bodies. Here, we focus on queer diasporas, refugees, and migrants. Our final unit brings us into the global flows of capitalism itself to interrogate the role of consumerism in sexual culture, tackling thorny issues of gay gentrification, tourism, pinkwashing/homonationalism, global gay cinematic representations, and the neocolonial potential of NGOs. Ultimately, this class reveals that sexuality is infused in global economic and political affairs in ways that are often overlooked.
Class Format: seminar
Requirements/Evaluation: comparative class presentation, mid-term essay, project proposal/abstract, final paper, field trip reaction paper
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Prerequisites: none
Enrollment Preference: Women's Gender & Sexuality Studies majors
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Divisional Attributes: Division II,Exploring Diversity
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Enrollment Limit: 20
Expected Enrollment: 20
Class Number: 3609
WGSS 402 SEM Global Sex (D) Division 2: Social StudiesExploring Diversity Initiative Gregory C. Mitchell
WGSS 402 SEM Global Sex (D) Division 2: Social StudiesExploring Diversity Initiative Gregory C. Mitchell
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