PSCI 342 Fall 2014 Intolerance and Justice

Intolerance and justice are linked in that each defines what can and should be done to others, and what we expect in return. One of the goals of the Enlightenment was to find a solution to the problem of intolerance and the violence that was and is its frequent companion. One core expectation was that progress would result from expanding knowledge. Progress would enable reason to replace dogmatism and faith (especially fighting faiths), progress in understanding the new economics of trade and the politics of liberality would produce commonwealths, producing more cosmopolitan societies marked by justice, enduring peace and prosperity. Moreover, democracy would spread thereby integrating more nations into the democratic camp. And, the lives of the many would improve. That vision has lost its promise. The 20th century, for all its economic and technological improvements, was also witness to terrible intolerance, attacks on civilians in war, ethnic purging has continued even after the holocaust. Intolerance led to wars between states, to violence within states (such as Darfur, Sri Lanka, Bosnia to name but three). Hence, the three questions posed by this course: 1) What are the most important factors that continue to produce intolerance; 2) Are the factors that produce and strengthen justice and tolerance; and 3) What can be done to increase a society's tolerance and justice, both in the United States and abroad? This course makes use of historical, political, and literary sources.
Class Format: seminar
Requirements/Evaluation: midterm examination, medium length research paper, and final examination
Additional Info: American Politics, Political Theory and Comparative Politics
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Enrollment Preference: preference to Political Science majors
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Divisional Attributes: Division II
Other Attributes: PSCI American Politics Courses,PSCI Comparative Politics Courses,PSCI Political Theory Courses
Enrollment Limit: 16
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Class Number: 1941
PSCI 342 - 01 (F) SEM Intolerance and Justice Division 2: Social Studies George E. Marcus
TF 2:35 PM-3:50 PM Hollander 258 1941
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