ARTS 418 Spring 2015 Senior Seminar

The purpose of the Senior Seminar is to strengthen ideas, develop formal skills and practice critical analysis while creating a body of artwork, the best of which will be exhibited at WCMA. Students may work in any medium in which they have developed a high degree of proficiency. At the beginning of the class, each student defines his/her project as s/he strives to find their individual voice. The class will meet in large and small groups throughout the semester for critique and discussion. This course is for students who have the ideas and discipline to work independently; participants are expected to be highly motivated and to be exceptionally engaged in the class discourse. Senior Art majors who wish to pursue a more structured course are encouraged to take a second 300-level tutorial instead of 418. Students are responsible for buying their own materials. Evaluation is based on the following: consistency of effort, the quality of analysis in critique, the quality of the portfolio at midterm and of the final portfolio. Students need to schedule a meeting with the instructor to occur over WS. Any student who is off campus during WS, should schedule the meeting for the end of the fall semester. Students will receive a reminder about the meetings but should a student fail to schedule a meeting, s/he jeopardizes admission to the seminar.
Class Format: One full class meeting Monday nights, at least one lunch meeting per week and small group meetings as needed throughout the semester
Requirements/Evaluation: evaluation is based on the following: consistency of effort, the quality of analysis in critique, the quality of the portfolio at midterm and the quality of the final portfolio
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Prerequisites: Studio Art major; permission of the instructor is required for History and Practice majors
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Department Notes: no student will be accepted into an independent study project unless he/she has completed two 200-level ARTS courses and one 300-level ARTS tutorial
Material and Lab Fees: no lab fee, students are responsible for purchasing supplies
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Divisional Attributes: Division I
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Enrollment Limit: none
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Class Number: 3142
ARTS 418 - 01 (S) SEM Senior Seminar: Studio Art Division 1: Languages and the Arts Aida Laleian
M 7:00 PM-9:40 PM Spencer 223 Tutorial Room MWF 12:00 PM-12:50 PM Spencer 223 Tutorial Room 3142
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