ENVI 102 Spring 2015 Introduction to Environmental Science

Environmental science is the interdisciplinary study of the Earth's systems through the synthesis of physical, chemical, geological, and biological perspectives. This course introduces students to the scientific methods used to assess human impacts on the environment. Weekly readings on local, regional and global issues will include scientific literature. Part of each class will be spent on the discussion of scientific data and any related policy issues. While class time will focus primarily on a broad range of environmental issues, in the lab students will focus on the local Hoosic River Watershed. Field and laboratory exercises will generate data that students will analyze, interpret and compare to historic data sets. As the Hoosic River is ultimately connected to the Atlantic Ocean via the Hudson River, knowledge gained through the exploration of the local watershed in the lab will be applied where possible to other regions of the world in class. Examples of topics explored are: the hazards of everyday things, climate change, human impacts on water quality and quantity, atmospheric pollution, tracing pollution through the environment, water use, waste treatment, ocean resource management, and how science happens/works. Students will design and complete an independent project on one of these subjects as it pertains to their hometown. There will be an all-day field trip through the Hoosic River Valley early in the semester.
Class Format: two 75-minute workshop/discussion sessions, and one 3-hour field/laboratory session each week
Requirements/Evaluation: lab reports; class discussion participation; reaction papers on readings; periodic long tests; independent project presentation and paper
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Prerequisites: none; no seniors without permission of the instructors
Enrollment Preference: first-year students;
Department Notes: it is a required course for the majors in Environmental Policy & Environmental Science
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Divisional Attributes: Division III
Other Attributes: ENVI Natural World Electives,ENVP Core Courses,ENVS Core Courses,EXPE Experiential Education Courses
Enrollment Limit: 36
Expected Enrollment: 36
Class Number: 3121
ENVI 102 - 01 (S) LEC Intro to Environmental Science Division 3: Science and Mathematics Alex A. Apotsos
TR 08:30 AM-09:45 AM Biology 112 3121
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