GEOS 302 Spring 2015 Sedimentology (W)

The composition and architecture of sediments and sedimentary rocks preserve information about the rocks that were eroded to form them, the fluids and forces that transported them, the mechanisms by which they were deposited, and the processes by which they were lithified. This course will provide an introduction to the principles of sedimentology, including sedimentary petrology, fluid mechanics, bedform analysis, and facies architecture.
Class Format: lecture/discussion, three hours per week; laboratory, three hours per week; two half-day and one all-day field trip
Requirements/Evaluation: Eight written critiques (each 350-400 words) of assigned papers from the sedimentological literature--designed to teach clear written expression & careful analytical reading; evaluation based on lab work, writing assignments, hour exam & final exam
Additional Info: papers will be thoroughly edited for style, grammar and syntax; each student will compile his/her papers as a growing body of work, and each new paper will be read and edited in the context of the previous submissions
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Prerequisites: GEOS 260 Mineralogy and Geochemistry (may be taken concurrently with permission of instructor)
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Divisional Attributes: Division III,Writing Intensive
Other Attributes: GEOS Earth Surface Processes + Life Courses,MAST Interdepartmental Electives
Enrollment Limit: 12
Expected Enrollment: 12
Class Number: 3265
GEOS 302 - 01 (S) LEC Sedimentology (W) Division 3: Science and MathematicsWriting Intensive Ronadh Cox
TR 11:20 AM-12:35 PM Clark Hall 204 3265
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