HIST 488 Spring 2015 Gandhi: Nationalism, Philosophy, and Legacy (D) (W)

Cross Listed as ASST488, INST488
This course studies the work and ideas of M.K. Gandhi, one of the most influential thinkers of the non-western world. Gandhi is well known today for his philosophy of non-violence and its application in India's freedom struggle as well as his influence on the work of leaders like Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. Hailed as the `father of the Indian nation', however, Gandhi is not only known for his political ideas but also for his deep engagement with aspect of everyday human behavior and morality: truth, vegetarianism, sex and celibacy, to name just a few of his obsessive concerns which contributed to making his broader philosophy. It is this commitment to a morally pure life that earned him the title of `Mahatma' or Great Soul in India. The tutorial will focus on three key aspects of Gandhi: his ideas of nationalism, his contemplations on moral philosophy and on his legacy in modern India. The materials will include a combination of Gandhi's own writings as well as journal articles, monographs and films. The course will probe questions such as: What was the nature of Gandhian nationalism? Did it help to integrate the Indian nation? How, if at all, was shaped by Gandhi's engagements with moral philosophy and human behavior? Was Gandhi truly a Great Soul, a saint or a shrewd politician? In what ways is Gandhi received and remembered by the Indian nation today? How does understanding a figure like Gandhi facilitate our understanding of modern nationalism, citizenship and political action?
Class Format: tutorial; students will meet with the instructor each week for one hour sessions in pairs
Requirements/Evaluation: every other week each student will write and orally present a 5- to 7-page essay on the assigned readings of that week; students not presenting an essay will write and present 2 page critique of their partners' work; also a final 10page paper
Additional Info: may not be taken on a pass/fail basis; not available for the Gaudino option
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Prerequisites: none
Enrollment Preference: History majors
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Divisional Attributes: Division II,Exploring Diversity,Writing Intensive
Other Attributes: HIST Group B Electives - Asia,INST South + Southeast Asia Studies Electives
Enrollment Limit: 10
Expected Enrollment: 10
Class Number: 3280
HIST 488 - T1 (S) TUT Gandhi (D) (W) Division 2: Social StudiesExploring Diversity InitiativeWriting Intensive Aparna Kapadia
TBA 3280
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