PSCI 227 Spring 2015 War and the Nation-State

As Charles Tilly famously argued, "War made the state, and the state made war". This course explores the phenomenon of war in its broader socio-economic context during the years between the emergence of the modern nation-state in the late 18th century and the end of World War II. It examines the ways in which warfare influenced state development, and in turn, how state development changed the nature and conduct of war itself. The co-evolution of nation-states and modern warfare is studied in the context of four broad social transformations: the rise of nationalism, democratization, industrialization, and military bureaucratization. We will also discuss the causes, conduct, and consequences of the major wars of this period, including the Napoleonic Wars, the Wars of German Unification, and the cataclysmic showdowns of the twentieth century: World War I and World War II.
Class Format: lecture
Requirements/Evaluation: class participation, midterm exam, final exam
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Prerequisites: none
Enrollment Preference: Political Science majors
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Divisional Attributes: Division II
Other Attributes: PSCI International Relations Courses
Enrollment Limit: 30
Expected Enrollment: 25
Class Number: 3594
PSCI 227 - 01 (S) LEC War and the Nation-State Division 2: Social Studies Rosemary A. Kelanic
TR 08:30 AM-09:45 AM Griffin 2 3594
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