In the Blink of an Eye
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In this interdisciplinary course where Art and Science intersect, we will use drawing and video to investigate structures of motion in animate and inanimate objects. Assuming that even the simplest gesture is a dynamic event, we will examine the transitory expressions of the human face and bodily gesture in their response to stimuli. We will also look at gestures of inanimate objects in motion. When enlisting the Biology Department’s high-speed video camera (with the capacity to film upwards of 50,000 frames per second), ordinary events appear startlingly unordinary. In addition to filming, we will use drawing as a tool to examine gesture. Using a figure model and our own bodies for reference, we will draw sequences based on a gesture’s trajectory. To contextualize this study we will examine the work of artists and scientists whose work responds to structures of motion in time and space
The Class: Format: WSP Project
Limit: 10
Requirements/Evaluation: attend class, complete weekly assignments, & keep an on-going journal of motion studies. Students will be evaluated on their class attendance, their participation in discussions, and the quality of their assignments and final presentation
Extra Info: Meeting time: mornings
Extra Info 2: Julia Morgan-Leamon is an interdisciplinary artist and media producer. She received her MFA in Visual Arts from Vermont College of Fine Arts
Prerequisites: No prerequisites but some drawing experience helpful
Enrollment Preferences: based on individual letters of interest
Materials/Lab Fee: $75

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