MUS 231
Nothing But the Blues Fall 2009
Division I
Cross-listed AFR 231 / MUS 231
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For the past 100 years, blues has been an important and influential form of African-American music that has spread its influence far beyond Black Americans. This seminar examines the history and evolution of the blues and asks several questions. What values and beliefs are implicit in or are expressed through the blues? How has the social experience of African-Americans affected blues music? How has this music changed over time and in different places? Have these changes allowed this music to speak to audiences? What have various forms of the blues meant to African-Americans, to white Americans, to Europeans, Africans, and other peoples? Are there significant differences in the ways in which men and women approach singing or playing the blues? What has been the impact of the blues on other forms of music?
The Class: Format: lecture
Limit: 10
Grading: yes pass/fail option, yes fifth course option
Requirements/Evaluation: evaluation is based on oral presentations and four 5- to 7-page papers
Prerequisites: prior knowledge of, or course work in, music, African-American history, or African-American culture
Enrollment Preferences: concentrators in Africana Studies and students with a musical background
Distributions: Division I
Notes: div 1 if taken under MUS, div 2 if taken under AFR
This course is cross-listed and the prefixes carry the following divisional credit:
AFR 231 Division II MUS 231 Division I
Attributes: CRAAS Critical Reasoning + Analytical Skills

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