MUS 10
Symphonic Winds
Last Offered Winter 2008

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Students enrolled in Symphonic Winds will rehearse and prepare music in preparation for a February2010 concert performance. Students will participate in a variety of performance settings from full ensemble to various chamber ensemble settings (both conducted and unconducted). Students will be responsible for preparing their individual parts (including both instrumental practice and required listening/reading), attending all rehearsals and composer lectures to which they are assigned by the instructor, and leading occasional sectionals. A specific, detailed schedule will be constructed once the repertoire is determined; however, rehearsals/lectures will most likely be scheduled on Monday-Thursday afternoons and Sunday evenings. Students should be expected to be in rehearsal for approximately 5-10 hours a week; for every hour of rehearsal time, students will be expected to have prepared for approximately 14 hours per rehearsal, as necessary. Repertoire to be studied during Winter Study will include music of Louis Andriessen (De Materie, La Passione, and others), and possibly music by composers including John Adams, Cornelis de Bondt, Susan Botti, John Corigliano, Michael Gordon, Judd Greenstein, David Maslanka, and Ileana Perez-Velazquez..Symphonic Winds is open to students of all musical abilities, including wind, brass, and percussion players, as well as vocalists, string players, and pianists.
The Class: Format: wsp project
Limit: 30
Expected: 30
Class#: 2269
Grading: pass/fail only
Requirements/Evaluation: Evaluation will be based on individual performance and preparation, and, as necessary, written assignments. Repertoire will be selected based on enrollment.
Extra Info: Meeting time afternoons
Prerequisites: Instructor permission is necessary to enroll in this winter study course
Enrollment Preferences: Preference is given to students who have performed in Symphonic Winds previously
Materials/Lab Fee: none

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