THEA 406
Senior Seminar: Theatre, Ritual, Play Fall 2009
Division I
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This seminar course is required of all senior Theatre majors. The course is a revolving topics seminar. The subject matter and reading list for each iteration of the course will be determined by the instructor, but will in each instance focus on a current or historical question of theatre theory and practice. It is understood that the subjects addressed in the course will be broad enough to engage the varied interests of each senior class. The specific requirements for the class may vary, but in all cases students will be required to present original research and analysis in a public seminar presentation at the end of the semester. In Fall 2009 the seminar will explore the interrelated cultural phenomena of theatre (or, more broadly, performance), ritual and play. Each of these nouns may be considered as necessary attribute of any human activity, as a means of communication between or among people, as a subject or field of scientific inquiry, or as a facet of artistic cultural production. The purpose of the seminar will be to explore each of these phenomena on their own terms, and then to investigate some of the ways in which they interconnect in the spheres of art, religion, popular culture, and everyday life. Readings will include theorists from literary studies, anthropology, cultural studies, and related fields, as well as primary texts from drama and other arts.
The Class: Format: seminar
Limit: none
Expected: 9
Class#: 1486
Grading: yes pass/fail option, yes fifth course option
Requirements/Evaluation: project work, and presentation of original research and analysis in a public setting at the end of the semester
Prerequisites: senior standing for Theatre majors
Enrollment Preferences: Theatre majors only
Distributions: Division I

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