ENGL 252 Fall 2012 The Borders of Literature: From Shrek to Marcel Proust

Cross Listed as COMP280
The aim of this course is to understand literature as a medium intimately related to other media. We shall study contemporary theories of media and intermediality in order to better understand general questions about all art forms and media--but also to be able to specify the medium specific aspects of literature. Theories of intermediality will be the backbone of the course, and a wide variety of examples will be discussed and analyzed. We will begin with the introductory scene of Shrek (Adamson 2001) and move through a handful of example clusters: concrete "visual" poetry, high modernist musical description (short fiction by Mann, Proust, Joyce, Woolf), literary descriptions of visual art (ekphrasis); and Lieder/chansons/rock-lyrics from Schubert to Bob Dylan. We shall also analyze the widespread phenomenon of novel-to-film adaption, exemplified by way of the Beat-poem Howl and the recent film based on the poem and the trial against Allen Ginsberg (Epstein and Friedman 2010).
Class Format: seminar
Requirements/Evaluation: active participation, four training writing assignments (3 pages each), one short response assignment, and a final paper (6 pages)
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Prerequisites: none; all readings will be done in English but students with knowledge of French, Portuguese, Spanish or German may optionally read portions of the reading in the original languages
Enrollment Preference: students majoring in Comparative Literature or Literary Studies
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Divisional Attributes: Division I
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Enrollment Limit: 25
Expected Enrollment: 20
Class Number: 1371
ENGL252-01(F) SEM The Borders of Literature Division 1: Languages and the Arts Jorgen Bruhn
TF 1:10 PM-2:25 PM Schapiro Hall 241 1371
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