JAPN 405 Fall 2012 Thematic Reading and Writing in Japanese I (D)

This course is designed for the advanced students of Japanese who want to develop their reading and writing skills intensively. Students will be exposed to various genres of readings on the themes of modern and pre-modern Japanese society in contrast to those of the U.S. Research and writing skills will be developed in conjunction with student projects. This course also aims to develop a high level of speaking proficiency through discussion and narrative discourse. This is an EDI course because students are immersed in a Japanese environment in class and will learn how to express their ideas and opinions using Japanese discourse patterns both in texts and dialogues. This requires reflective thinking over different cultural perspectives between Japan and the U.S. or whatever cultural heritage each student may have.
Class Format: seminar
Requirements/Evaluation: evaluation will be based on daily preparation and in-class performance, a weekly journal, and a final research paper
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Prerequisites: any one of Japanese 400's courses or permission of instructor; open to all
Enrollment Preference: Preference given to majors first and then seniors and juniors
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Divisional Attributes: Division I,Exploring Diversity
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Enrollment Limit: 5
Expected Enrollment: 5
Class Number: 1184
JAPN405-01(F) SEM Thematic Reading and Writing I (D) Division 1: Languages and the ArtsExploring Diversity Initiative Kasumi Yamamoto
MWF 12:00 PM-12:50 PM Hollander 158 1184
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