MUS 155 Fall 2012 John Coltrane and the Revolutionary Tradition in African American Music (D)

Cross Listed as AMST155, AFR155
This course will examine protest and freedom songs and music from the 1950s and 1960s Civil Rights Movement with an emphasis on the music of John Coltrane (1926-1967). We will begin with a brief historical look at protest and freedom songs from the 1800's through the 1950's, including genres such as jazz and Black classical music. We will focus on the Civil Rights era, and we will ask why the music of John Coltrane became identified with the 1960's movement. Avery Sharpe, a distinguished jazz bassist, spent over 20 years performing with John Coltrane's pianist McCoy Tyner. He will provide for students a first-hand experience with this revolutionary music and its practitioners. He will take students to Harlem, where they will tour the historic Apollo Theater, visit the Abyssinian Baptist Church, and attend a jazz club performance. They will also be given the chance to do original oral interviews with Aisha Tyner and other intimates of the Coltrane circle. Students will also study and experience a public performance of Avery Sharpe's new work based on the life of Sojourner Truth,famous abolitionist, political activist, and freedom fighter. This EDI course explores the musical expressions of the culturally diverse peoples of African descent in the New World, as well as the myriad ways in which representations of jazz and protest music challenge institutional power and dominant U.S. and/or European hierarchies of race, gender and class.
Class Format: lecture/discussion
Requirements/Evaluation: evaluation will be based on class participation, 3-4 listening/music exercises, two short papers (5-8 pages), and a final research-based or creative project assignment
Additional Info: not available for the Gaudino or Pass/Fail option
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Prerequisites: none
Enrollment Preference: Africana Studies concentrators, Music majors, and American Studies majors, and those with demonstrated interest in Music, Africana Studies, and/or American Studies
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Distribution Notes: meets Division 1 requirement if registration is under MUS; meets Division 2 requirement if registration is under AFR or AMST
Divisional Attributes: Division I,Exploring Diversity
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Enrollment Limit: 19
Expected Enrollment: 19
Class Number: 1497
MUS155-01(F) LEC Revolutionary Afr Amer Music (D) Division 1: Languages and the ArtsExploring Diversity Initiative Avery G. Sharpe
TR 11:20 AM-12:35 PM Bernhard Presser Choral 1497
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