ARTH 102 Spring 2013 Aspects of Western Art

A year-long introduction to a history of some European and North American art, this course concentrates on three-dimensional media in the fall (ArtH 101 - architecture and sculpture) and two-dimensional media in the spring (ArtH 102- painting, drawing, prints and photography). Even though the course focuses on Western art, it also explores interchanges among other cultures and the west, particularly in more recent times. Both semesters cover the same chronological span, from Ancient Greeks to computer geeks. We organize the course in this unusual way not only to give students the grasp of history, but also to heighten their ability to understand visual objects by coming to grips with only one artistic medium at a time. To train students to look carefully at art, we use the wealth of art resources in Williamstown: the Clark Art Institute, the Williams College Museum of Art and the Chapin Rare Book Library. Students spend time with original works of art. For the study of architecture we have a unique set of "Virtual Buildings" made expressly for this course, that approximate the experience of being in structures thousands of miles away.
Class Format: lecture and weekly discussion section
Requirements/Evaluation: quizzes, midterm, two papers and a final exam
Additional Info: although students may begin the course in either the fall or spring semester; both semesters of ARTH 101-102, a hyphenated course, must be taken to receive course credit for either semester
Additional Info2: the only exception to the hyphenation rule, is for art history majors who may take ArtH 103 in place of either 101 or 102; art history majors must petition the chair of the department to take ArtH 103 in place of either 101 or 102
Prerequisites: none; open to first-year students
Enrollment Preference:
Department Notes: may not be taken on a pass/fail basis; however, the course may be audited; students who have audited ArtH 101-102 lectures on a registered basis may enroll in any Art History course at the 200 or 300 level
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Divisional Attributes: Division I
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Enrollment Limit: 180
Expected Enrollment: 180
Class Number: 3330
ARTH102-01(S) LEC Aspects of Western Art Division 1: Languages and the Arts Eva U. Grudin
MWF 09:00 AM-09:50 AM Bernhard Brooks Rogers 3330
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