ARTH 564 Spring 2013 Seeing is (perhaps not) Believing

Islam forbids the depiction of the human figure, right? Wrong. There is actually a long and rich tradition of figural imagery, particularly in Iran, Afghanistan and India. Many of those images occur in the context of Persian manuscripts, but the introduction of photography generated new possibilities and controversies as well. Indeed, since its deployment in the Middle East, photography has served myriad purposes; the powers and pleasures of the medium have been valued by colonial forces, indigenous populations, photojournalists and artists. In this seminar, we will consider diverse aspects of image-making including visual convention, documentation, commemoration and religious conviction with particular reference to painting and photography in the Persian sphere. Students will have access to a special exhibition of pertinent materials at Williams College Museum of Art.
Class Format: seminar
Requirements/Evaluation: evaluation will be based on class participation, presentation of research, and a term paper of 20-25 pages
Additional Info: not available for the Gaudino option; may not be taken on a Pass/Fail basis
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Enrollment Preference: preference given to Graduate Program students and then to senior Art History majors
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Divisional Attributes: Division I
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Enrollment Limit: 14
Expected Enrollment: 14
Class Number: 3956
ARTH564-01(S) SEM Seeing (perhaps not) Believng Division 1: Languages and the Arts Holly Edwards
R 10:00 AM-12:40 PM Clark Art Seminar Room 3956
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