CHEM 335 Spring 2013 Inorganic/Organometallic Chemistry

This course addresses fundamental aspects in the chemistry of transition metals and main group elements that are relevant to a variety of important areas, including applications in organic synthetic transformations, medicine, and industrial and biological catalysis. The course introduces concepts of symmetry and group theory concepts, and applies them in a systematic approach to the study of the structure, bonding, and spectroscopy of coordination and inorganic compounds. The course also covers selected inorganic and organometallic reactions and their mechanisms and bioinorganic chemistry. Primary literature and review articles are used to discuss recent developments and applications in the field.
Class Format: lecture, three hours per week; laboratory, four hours per week
Requirements/Evaluation: evaluation will be based on problem sets, exams, and an independent project participation
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Prerequisites: Chemistry 155 or 256 and 251/255
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Divisional Attributes: Division III
Other Attributes: MTSC Related Courses
Enrollment Limit: 16
Expected Enrollment: 16
Class Number: 3060
CHEM335-01(S) LEC Inorganic/Organometallic Chem Division 3: Science and Mathematics Christopher Goh
TR 08:30 AM-09:45 AM Chemistry 202 3060
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