COMP 240 Spring 2013 Introduction to Literary Theory (W)

Cross Listed as ENGL230
In this course we will debate the nature of literary meaning and explore the engagement of literature, theory, and culture. In thefirst half of the course we will explore such questions as, What determines the meaning of a text? Can an interpretation of a literary work be deemed true or false? In the second half of the course, we will read works by such authors as Frantz Fanon, Michel Foucault, and Judith Butlerand as we investigate therole of art in the construction and transformation of political subjectivities. The emphasis will be on exploring anddefending arguments on the issues in productive discussion and frequent short papers.
Class Format: discussion/seminar
Requirements/Evaluation: several short papers amounting to 20 pages of writing and an in-class presentation
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Prerequisites: a 100-level English course, or a score of 5 on the Advanced Placement examination in English Literature or a 6 or 7 on the International Baccalaureate
Enrollment Preference: first-year students, sophomores, English majors who have yet to take a Gateway, and potential Comparative Literature majors
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Divisional Attributes: Division I,Writing Intensive
Other Attributes: AMST Critical and Cultural Theory Electives, ENGL Criticism Courses,ENGL 200-level Gateway Courses
Enrollment Limit: 19
Expected Enrollment: 19
Class Number: 3600
COMP240-01(S) SEM Intro to Literary Theory (W) Division 1: Languages and the ArtsWriting Intensive Anita R. Sokolsky
MR 2:35 PM-3:50 PM Griffin 5 3600
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