REL 324 Spring 2013 Religion, Identity, and Place (W)

Cross Listed as SOC304
In this course, we will explore the role that religion has played in answers to the question of identity, specifically focusing on the peoples of the four continents surrounding the Atlantic. We will begin with an introduction to some important theorists in the social sciences and how they have explained the relationship between religion and identity. Then we will focus on the narratives of five individuals as case studies through which to explore this question, using their personal writings as well as biographies. All of these individuals have adhered to a religious tradition, have moved across countries and regions, and are exemplary of larger movements of people throughout the Atlantic World. The course will also serve as a basic introduction to three major religious traditions: Christianity, Islam, and African traditional religion.
Class Format: tutorial
Requirements/Evaluation: bi-weekly intellectual journal entries, term paper I multiple drafts, midterm and final exam
Additional Info: Not available to be taken Pass/Fail
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Prerequisites: none
Enrollment Preference: preference given to juniors and seniors
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Divisional Attributes: Division II,Writing Intensive
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Enrollment Limit: 10
Expected Enrollment: 10
Class Number: 3669
REL324-T1(S) TUT Religion, Identity, and Place (W) Division 2: Social StudiesWriting Intensive Nicolette D. Manglos
TBA 3669
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