WGSS 309 Spring 2013 Everyday Life in Literature and Film

Cross Listed as COMP308
To bring the all too familiar everyday to our attention, artists and writers have made it strange. What happens when we view everyday life from elsewhere? While everyday culture has often been experienced as repressive and alienating in modern Western societies, a new importance assigned to everyday life made it liberating in Japan during the twenties and in contemporary China. The contours of the everyday are delightfully vague, and it always exceeds theorizing. For instance, is its privileged place the street or the home? Is it lived largely in institutions that regulate our daily lives, or is it lived between and outside them? Everyday objects and commodities like the potato, the postcard, the car, clothes, housing, etc., will be analyzed. Fiction by Leo Tolstoy, Franz Kafka, Georges Perec, Manil Suri, Ha Jin, and Banana Yoshimoto. Films by Chantal Akerman, Pedro Almodovar, Benoit Jaquot, and Pierre Jeunet. Art projects that transform the everyday will also be discussed, including those of Sophie Calle, Mary Kelley, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, and Christine Hill. Short theoretical excerpts from Freud, Kracauer, Goffman, Lefebvre, de Beauvoir, Friedan, Debord, Foucault, and Bourdieu. All works not originally in English will be read in English translation.
Class Format: seminar
Requirements/Evaluation: evaluation will be based on two short oral reports on everyday objects and their history, two 3- to 5-page papers, and a 10- to 12-page final paper or creative project
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Prerequisites: one 200-level literature course
Enrollment Preference: students majoring in Comparative Literature and Literary Studies
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Distribution Notes: meets Division 1 requirement if registration is under COMP; meets Division 2 requirement if registration is under WGSS
Divisional Attributes: Division II
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Enrollment Limit: 20
Expected Enrollment: 10
Class Number: 3390
WGSS309-01(S) SEM Everyday Life in Lit & Film Division 2: Social Studies Helga Druxes
TR 09:55 AM-11:10 AM Hopkins Hall 105 3390
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