COMP 204
From Revolution to Perestroika Spring 2015
Division I
Cross-listed RUSS 204 / COMP 204
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Whether despite or precisely because of the enormous historical and political turbulence in twentieth-century Russia, the intensity of its cultural life was equally unprecedented. Over the past century, Russian literature went through a number of major stages that defined its poetics and ideology: the Silver Age and its decline; the Revolution, the Civil War and the rise of Socialist Realism; the Second World War; the Thaw and de-Stalinization; another wave of tightening of the regime during the stagnation period; the dissident movement and the Cold War; and finally, the dissolution of the Soviet empire and the rise of Russian post-modern and post-Soviet aesthetics. As we discuss these and other topics of twentieth-century Russian culture, we will explore a broad array of genres, including poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, the novel, theater, and film. Our readings will include works by Block, Babel, Bulgakov, Olesha, Zamyatin, Ahmatova, Shalamov, Erofeev, Petrushevskaya, Pelevin, and other representative authors. All readings and discussions will be in English.
The Class: Format: seminar
Limit: 15
Expected: 12
Class#: 3179
Grading: yes pass/fail option, yes fifth course option
Requirements/Evaluation: participation (25%); blog posts (20%); midterm (15); term paper (20%); final exam (20%)
Prerequisites: none
Enrollment Preferences: Russian majors
Distributions: Division I
Notes: This course is cross-listed and the prefixes carry the following divisional credit:
RUSS 204 Division I COMP 204 Division I
Attributes: INST Russian + Eurasian Studies Electives

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