LEAD 314
Leadership in American Political Development Fall 2014
Division II Writing Skills
Cross-listed LEAD 314 / PSCI 314
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From the Founding to the present, the American political order has undergone incredible, cataclysmic and thoroughgoing transformations, yet it has also proven to be remarkably enduring. How can this be? Where do we find continuities and where upheavals? What accounts for the continuities, and what for the changes? What sorts of transformations have been possible, and who or what has made them possible? Finally, what are the costs of change (and of continuity)–and who pays them? The goal of this course is to assess American political change, or lack of, and to gain a sense of the role that individual leaders have played in driving change. We will examine when and how individual agency and leadership has mattered vis-à-vis broader historical and contextual factors, including economic developments, demographic change, and constitutional and institutional parameters. After examining general models of change and of leadership, we will consider specific case studies, such as civil rights for African-Americans, gender equality, labor demands, and social conservatism. We will consider some of the complicated legacies of change. Finally, we will look at arguments that America has been “exceptional”–or, unlike other countries–as well as critiques of these arguments, to help us gain an understanding of future prospects for political transformation.
The Class: Format: research seminar
Limit: 14
Expected: 14
Class#: 1660
Grading: OPG
Requirements/Evaluation: several short essays, weekly writing assignments, and a longer research paper with presentation
Extra Info: may not be taken on a pass/fail basis
Prerequisites: previous course in American politics or American history
Enrollment Preferences: Political Science majors and Leadership Studies concentrators
Distributions: Division II Writing Skills
Notes: This course is cross-listed and the prefixes carry the following divisional credit:
LEAD 314 Division II PSCI 314 Division II
Attributes: LEAD Facets or Domains of Leadership
POEC U.S. Political Economy + Public Policy Course
PSCI American Politics Courses
PSCI Research Courses

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