RLFR 512
Readings in French Art History and Criticism Spring 2018
Division I
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This course is designed to provide Graduate Program students and interested others with knowledge of French acquired through translation and interpretation. The core of this course is based on the reading and translating of a variety of critical works covering different periods and genres in the field of art history. The material read (excerpts from museum catalogues; the Gazette des Beaux-Arts and other publications; Salons by Diderot, Baudelaire, and Thoré; artists on their works; and critics such as Francastel, Ch. Sterling, M. Faré, Valéry, Focillon) will be analyzed in form and content, translated or summarized, in order to develop the skills and understand the techniques necessary for reading French acurately. Grammar will be reviewed in context.
The Class: Format: seminar
Grading: pass/fail option only
Requirements/Evaluation: evaluation is based on class participation, papers, a midterm, and a final examination
Prerequisites: RLFR 511 or permission of instructor; undergraduates are welcome with permission of instructor
Distributions: Division I

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