PSCI 493
Senior Thesis: Political Science Fall 2018
Division II
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The senior major, having applied for and been accepted into the honors program during the second semester of the junior year, will devote the senior year to researching and writing a substantial and original work of scholarship, under the supervision of a faculty mentor to be assigned by the department. The final work will be submitted for evaluation by a committee made up of the faculty supervisor and two additional readers to be chosen by the department, in consultation with the supervisor. Thesis writers will not only work with their advisors but will participate in a weekly honors seminar supervised by a faculty member in political science. The seminar (which is one component of the 493-W31-494 designation and not a separate course) will provide a focused forum for the exchange of ideas among the honors students, who will regularly circulate sections of their theses-in-progress for peer review and critique. The faculty seminar leader’s primary role is one of coordination and guidance.
The Class: Format: independent study
Grading: no pass/fail option, no fifth course option
Unit Notes: this is part of a full-year thesis (493-494)
Distributions: Division II

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