STAT 202
Introduction to Statistical Modeling Fall 2018 (also offered Spring 2019)
Division III Quantative/Formal Reasoning
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Data come from a variety of sources sometimes from planned experiments or designed surveys, but also arise by much less organized means. In this course we’ll explore the kinds of models and predictions that we can make from both kinds of data as well as design aspects of collecting data. We’ll focus on model building, especially multiple regression, and talk about its potential as well as its limits to answer questions about the world. We’ll emphasize applications over theory and analyze real data sets throughout the course.
The Class: Format: lecture
Limit: 25
Expected: 20
Class#: 1788
Grading: no pass/fail option, no fifth course option
Requirements/Evaluation: homework, exams and projects
Prerequisites: AP Statistics 5 or STAT 101, 161 or 201 or permission of instructor
Unit Notes: students with a 4 on the AP Stats exam should contact the department for proper placement
Distributions: Division III Quantative/Formal Reasoning
Attributes: EVST Methods Courses
PHLH Statistics Courses

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