GEOS 302
Sedimentology Spring 2020
Division III Writing Skills
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Sediments and sedimentary rocks preserve information about the rocks that were eroded to form them, the fluids and forces that transported them, the mechanisms by which they were deposited, and the processes by which they were lithified. This course introduces the principles of sedimentology, including sediment composition, fluid mechanics, bedform analysis, and depositional environments. This course is in the Sediments and Life group for the Geosciences major.
The Class: Format: lecture/laboratory; discussion three hours per week and laboratory three hours per week; field trips: two half-day and one all-day
Limit: 15
Expected: 12
Class#: 3630
Grading: no pass/fail option, no fifth course option
Requirements/Evaluation: lab work, writing assignments, participation in discussions, and a final exam
Prerequisites: at least one course in GEOS Group B (Solid Earth) AND one course in GEOS Group C (Sediments and Life); or permission of instructor
Enrollment Preferences: Geosciences majors
Distributions: Division III Writing Skills
WS Notes: Writing assignments will be thoroughly edited for style, grammar, and syntax; each student will compile their papers as a growing body of work, and each new assignment will be read and edited in the context of previous submissions.
Attributes: EXPE Experiential Education Courses
GEOS Group B Electives - Sediments + Life
MAST Interdepartmental Electives

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