HIST 493
Senior Thesis: Research Seminar Fall 2019
Division II
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This seminar is intended solely for writers of senior theses. Although each student’s major work for the year will be the writing of a thesis in consultation with an individual advisor, students are also required to meet in the context of the thesis seminar in order to present and critique each other’s proposals and drafts and to discuss common problems in the research and design of a long analytical essay. For students proceeding to HIST 31 and HIST 494, performance in the fall semester will be factored into the thesis grade calculated at the end of the year. The quality of a student’s performance in the seminar segment of History 493, as well as their performance in all aspects of the May colloquium at which theses are presented and critiqued, figure in the overall grade the student earns for History 493-494 and the departmental decision to award Honors or Highest Honors at Commencement.
The Class: Format: honors independent study
Grading: no pass/fail option, no fifth course option
Requirements/Evaluation: class participation and completed written work, and will determine if a student will continue in the thesis program
Prerequisites: limited to seniors accepted into the History Department's Thesis Program
Distributions: Division II

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