THEA 401
Senior Seminar: Practicing Theory Fall 2019
Division I
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Humans seek out patterns and weave them into stories. In a collaborative art like theater those pattern pieces can come from anyone: writer or director, designer or performer; the stagehand placing furniture, the stage manager calling cues. The story is made from the totality of everything experienced by the audience. A relationship between storytelling and audience experience is hardly unique to the theatre. Chefs and game designers and performance artists and architects have all thought deeply about how what they make is experienced by their audience; how it is interacted with, used, and recalled after the experience has ended. How do artists and makers from a broad range of ephemeral disciplines approach the creation of an experience? How do they tell stories within and about the work that is created? How successfully do their theories align with their practice, and how might we re-imagine, reuse, or abuse their ideas in our own work for the live theater? As a culmination of performance studies for the Theatre major, this senior seminar will take a hybrid approach to the study of artist-audience interactivity and storytelling by blending theoretical, historical, and critical readings with a studio component that produces artistic responses to the ideas being studied.
The Class: Format: seminar
Limit: 5
Expected: 5
Class#: 1839
Grading: no pass/fail option, no fifth course option
Requirements/Evaluation: critical analysis and discussion of readings, and active participation in critiques of made work; assignments consist of response papers alternating with creative projects
Prerequisites: limited to senior Theatre majors
Enrollment Preferences: senior Theatre majors only
Unit Notes: this course is required for the Theatre major
Materials/Lab Fee: up to $100 for materials and copying charged to term bill
Distributions: Division I

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