ARTS 225
Video Ecologies Spring 2021
Division I
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This studio course in video art investigates human connection with fraught landscapes and multi-species worlds, developing strategies by which our environment is witnessed, created, and negotiated through videographic acts. Video ecologies consider our environment as relational and invested with notions of identity. What can passionate immersion in our environment as apprehended through the senses (including and beyond vision) reveal about historical and lived experience, and the embodied effects of global capitalism? How might video serve to open up new understandings, relationships, entanglements, accountabilities? This course will critically examine socio-political and personal dimensions of ecology through readings and discussion engaging with environmentalism, intersectional feminism, queer theory, and postcolonialism. With in-depth instruction on technical and conceptual strategies used in video art, the emphasis of the course will be on the creation of an original body of work that includes several short video assignments and a substantial final video grounded in research on a specific ecological subject chosen by the student. In-class tutorials provide hands-on experience with lens-based production strategies in the context of historical and contemporary examples of video art that explore the land as a site for multiple temporalities, inter-species relationships, contamination, precarity, survival, and ruin.
The Class: Format: studio; hybrid format: a mix of in person and remote meetings with additional asynchronous lectures, technical lessons, and screenings to supplement our course work. We will aim to keep class meetings small, and depending on the class size we may break into smaller independent lab groups / discussion groups.
Limit: 10
Expected: 10
Class#: 4993
Grading: no pass/fail option, no fifth course option
Requirements/Evaluation: quality of work produced, depth and quality of investigative process, participation in critique and discussion, class citizenship, attendance
Prerequisites: 100 level video course or permission of instructor
Enrollment Preferences: Art, Film & Media Studies concentrators and students interested in film and media studies.
Materials/Lab Fee: $150 lab fee charged to term bill
Distributions: Division I

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