ARTS 418
Senior Seminar Spring 2021
Division I
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In this capstone class for studio art majors, students define, research, create and present an original body of work which will be exhibited. The emphasis will be on producing a strong and coherent body of artwork for their senior exhibition at the Williams College Museum of Art, (in person or virtual). Students will focus on strengthening ideas, developing formal skills and practicing critical analysis. They may work in any medium in which they have developed a high degree of proficiency. To prepare to partake in an exhibition on this level, students must learn to schedule and pace themselves, communicate, deal with spatial considerations beyond their studio, document their work effectively and work within firm deadlines. The nature of this course will have you working closely as a team, as well as individually, towards creating a strong and exciting student show this May at the Williams College Museum of Art (or via a virtual platform).The class will meet in large and small groups throughout the semester for critique and discussion and also have assigned readings,films, and/or lectures.
The Class: Format: studio; intensive studio art class
Limit: none
Expected: 15
Class#: 5002
Grading: no pass/fail option, no fifth course option
Requirements/Evaluation: Art is a visual language, which speaks to us through our sense of sight and implied touch; you will be evaluated first and foremost on your ability to speak powerfully in this language. Evaluation also takes into account: effort, attitude, creativity, studio responsibility and participation. Attendance and punctuality is expected for both remote and in person portions of the course. If you miss more than one unexcused class your grade will automatically drop a letter grade. All work must be completed by the final critique.
Prerequisites: You must be a senior Art Studio major with all requirements fulfilled by the end of this term
Enrollment Preferences: Studio Art major; permission of instructor is required for History and Practice majors
Materials/Lab Fee: no lab fee, students are responsible for purchasing supplies
Distributions: Division I

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