MATH 150
Multivariable Calculus Fall 2020 (also offered Spring 2021)
Division III Quantative/Formal Reasoning
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Applications of calculus in mathematics, science, economics, psychology, the social sciences, involve several variables. This course extends calculus to several variables: vectors, partial derivatives, multiple integrals. There is also a unit on infinite series, sometimes with applications to differential equations. Note: This course will be taught via flipped-course method, an instructional strategy reversing the traditional learning environment by delivering instructional content outside of the classroom. This includes prerecorded lectures along with questions that students must watch and answer prior to attending class. Class time include synchronous meetings clarifying concepts and working in small groups through challenging problems with the support of the professor and peers. Building positive collaborative working relationships and public speaking skills will be added benefits of this course.
The Class: Format: seminar
Limit: 30
Expected: 30
Class#: 2619
Grading: yes pass/fail option, yes fifth course option
Requirements/Evaluation: Video readiness assessments, problem sets, exams, and participation.
Prerequisites: MATH 140 or equivalent, such as satisfactory performance on an Advanced Placement Examination
Enrollment Preferences: Professor's discretion
Unit Notes: students with the equivalent of advanced placement of AB 4 or above should enroll in MATH 150, students with a BC 3 or higher should enroll in Math 151 when it is being offered, and Math 150 otherwise.
Distributions: Division III Quantative/Formal Reasoning
QFR Notes: mathematics

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