Food Justice and Nonprofit Management for Social Entrepreneurship Winter 2022

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C Central Kitchen CEO, Mike Curtin ’86, will lead students in examination of the successes, challenges, and opportunities to food insecurity through holistic initiatives such as those of the DC Central Kitchen. He and his guest speakers (national and local) will share their philosophies of nonprofit management and strategic approaches in both pre- and post-COVID contexts. Students will have the opportunity to critique existing initiatives and brainstorm new ones. The course will explore issues of food access, food justice, innovation, and social entrepreneurship, among others. Guest speakers will include DC Central Kitchen founder Robert Egger, DC Central Kitchen Chief Development Officer, Alex Moore, Former Deputy Secretary of Agriculture (under President Obama) Kathleen Merrigan ’96. U.S Representative Jim McGovern, (D-MA), Chef, Philanthropist and Founder of World Central Kitchen Jose Andres, and Mark Rondeau, President of the North Berkshire Friendship Center Food Pantry. Readings will include excerpts from Begging For Change by Robert Egger, The Food Fighters by Alexander Moore and We Fed an Island by Jose Andres as well as sample grant proposals and related documents.
The Class: Format: lecture
Limit: 20
Grading: pass/fail only
Requirements/Evaluation: Group presentation and a 2-5 page paper.
Prerequisites: none
Enrollment Preferences: seniority
Unit Notes: Mike Curtin '86 joined DC Central Kitchen(DCCK) in 2004. Mike has spent significant time expanding the Kitchen's revenue-generating social enterprise initiatives. For over 30 years, DCCK has been a nationally recognized leader in the fight against hunger and poverty; they have worked to break down barriers that create inequities in our food and economic systems by thoughtfully and creatively developing a model of social enterprise that has been replicated across the country and around the world.
Materials/Lab Fee: none

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