AFR 355
The Black Atlantic as Scriptural Formation Spring 2017 Division II; Cross-listed as REL305 / AFR355
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“…I don’t read such small stuff as letters, I read men and nations…” The unpacking of this provocative and unsettling statement ascribed to Sojourner Truth can be taken as a springboard for this seminar that explores the politics of the scriptural (or writing) as analytical window onto the complex formation of the circum-Black Atlantic (and its complex relationships to colonial and post-colonial Atlantic worlds). The isolation of selected Black Atlantic “readings” as cultural sites, rituals, performances, institutions, as different and conflicting types of politics and social orientation—from first contacts through slavery to the contemporary irruptions of protest and fundamentalist movements–will structure the seminar.
The Class: Type: seminar-style discussion
Limit: 19
Expected: 15
Class#: 4043
Requirements/Evaluation: consistent participation (informed by engagement of selected readings); and submission of mid-term prospectus (1-2pp) and end-of-term research paper (15-20pp)
Prerequisites: none
Enrollment Preference: religion; African American (and other American ethnic groups); cultural studies; history; literature; social sciences
Distributions: Division II;

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