AFR 352
Mystic Spirituality in Black Women's Social Justice Activism: Brazil-USA Spring 2018 Division II; Cross-listed as REL352 / AFR352 / WGSS352
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This course examines the meanings and manifestations of mystic spirituality in the lives and work of selected Black women artists/activists in the USA and Brazil. The writings of Lucille Clifton (poet), Rosemarie Freeney Harding (activist and counselor) and Makota Valdina Pinto (activist and Candomblé ritual elder) are key texts for our exploration of the uses of mystic sensibilities and Afro-Atlantic ritual traditions–such as dreams and visions, prayer, divination, sacred dance, healing rites and other forms of unmediated intimate encounter with the sacred–as resources for creativity, community organizing, self-care and as aspects of political and social critique in African American and Afro-Brazilian contexts. The methodology of the course blends historical, literary and womanist approaches in an investigation of the conjunctions of spiritual practice and activism in the experience of women in the Afro-Atlantic diaspora.
The Class: Type: seminar
Limit: 15
Expected: 15
Class#: 3975
Requirements/Evaluation: class participation, 2-3 short papers (5-7 pages) and a final project
Extra Info: may not be taken on a pass/fail basis; not available for the fifth course option
Prerequisites: none
Enrollment Preference: AFR, REL, and WGSS concentrators
Distributions: Division II;

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