ARTS 123
Drawing Dreaming Fall 2020
Division I
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Sometimes a drawing is a recreation of what is right in front of us, accepted and understood by us both. And sometimes a drawing is what we have never seen before/what doesn’t yet exist, but want very much to be real: a house, a garden, a truth, accountability for an injustice, a declaration, a dream, a scream, a monument (or its absence), a sculpture, an institution, a circumstance, a love, futures. In this class, we will use mark making as a tool for making such imaginings a little more solid, and clear. Each week we will look at artworks (or what could be perceived as that) that embody dreaming, envisioning, manifestation, and transformation, including but not limited to the spectacular public drawings now part of Richmond’s confederate monuments, Shaker gift drawings, house and garden plans, protest signs, commemorative murals and memorials, flags, emblems, dream entries and tarot decks. Every other week, our class will host visitors whose art+work+life has inspired this course, including artists, educators, and organisers. Though this isn’t a traditional drawing class, it will include introductions to various foundational techniques and tools, along with intensive drawing exercises before delving into self driven assignments.
The Class: Format: studio; Classes will meet remotely, and if it is deemed safe, the drawing studio may be open for staggered drawing sessions in small groups. All students will be adequately trained in documenting their work for weekly reviews with the instructor.
Limit: 17
Expected: 17
Class#: 3076
Grading: no pass/fail option, no fifth course option
Requirements/Evaluation: weekly assignments, mid-term project, final projects, attendance and participation, generous presence
Prerequisites: Previous drawing experience preferred and/or completion of Drawing 100.
Enrollment Preferences: Art/Art History majors
Materials/Lab Fee: $100
Distributions: Division I

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