ARTS 319
Junior Seminar Fall 2023
Division I
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Junior Seminar is a dynamic and immersive class tailored for art majors, aimed at exploring and fortifying their creative interests through a rigorous studio practice, engaging group discussions, and exposure to current themes, topics, materials, and concerns in contemporary art and its allied disciplines. Through a multifaceted approach that includes readings, presentations, lectures by visiting artists, and visits to art institutions and artists’ studios, students will be immersed in the vibrant and interdisciplinary nature of contemporary art. They will be exposed to a diverse range of materials, techniques, and historical perspectives on art-making, while also contemplating the ecological, political, personal, cultural, and aesthetic implications associated with each of them.
The Class: Format: studio
Limit: 12
Expected: 12
Class#: 1398
Grading: no pass/fail option, no fifth course option
Requirements/Evaluation: quality of work produced, participation in class discussions and critiques, successful completion of all assignments, and attendance
Prerequisites: three studio courses required for the major
Enrollment Preferences: Enrollment is limited to Studio Art Majors and History & Practice Majors.
Unit Notes: Studio Art and Art History and Practice majors are required to take this course in the junior year unless studying abroad during the fall semester
Materials/Lab Fee: The cost of materials will vary depending on the individual student project(s). Students are responsible for the cost of the materials. Students on financial aid can utilize the Book Grant to defray these expenses.
Distributions: Division I

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