ASST 274
Chinese Calligraphy: Theory and Practice Spring 2019 Division I; Cross-listed as ASST274 / ARTH274 / ARTS274

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Beginning in the fourth century, Chinese calligraphy has remained one of the highest art forms in China and in East Asia generally, practiced by the literati, or highly erudite scholars. This course has two components: art history and studio practice. The first offers students an opportunity to acquire an understanding of theoretical and aesthetic principles of Chinese calligraphy. It also examines the religious, social, and political functions of Chinese calligraphy in ancient and contemporary China. Students will also have an opportunity to investigate contemporary artists, both Eastern and Western, whose works are either inspired or influenced by Chinese calligraphy, and those whose works are akin to Chinese calligraphy in their abstraction. Studio practice allows students to apply theories to creating beautiful writing, or calligraphy (from Greek kallos “beauty” + graphe “writing”). This course can be taken as an Art History, a Studio Art, or Asian Studies course.
The Class: Type: lecture/studio instruction
Limit: 12
Requirements/Evaluation: weekly assignments, a midterm, one short paper, oral presentations, participation in class discussion, a final project (artistic or scholarly), class attendance, film screening
Prerequisites: none
Department Notes: this course can count toward the Art History or Studio major
Materials/Lab Fee: lab fee TBD will be added to the student's term bill
Distributions: Division I;
Distribution Notes: meets Division 1 requirement if registration is under ASST
Attributes: ARTH pre-1600 Courses; EXPE Experiential Education Courses; GBST East Asian Studies Electives

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