BIOL 430
Genome Sciences: At the Cutting Edge Spring 2020
Division III Writing Skills
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Research in genomics has integrated and revolutionized the field of biology, including areas of medicine, plant biology, microbiology, and evolutionary biology. Moreover, recent developments in “metagenomics” (genomic studies of entire communities of microorganisms in natural environments, such as the mammalian gut and the deep sea) and “metatranscriptomics” (studies of genome wide changes in expression and mRNA levels in natural communities of organisms) have generated unprecedented knowledge about the genomic potential of a community and the in situ biological activity of different ecological niches. In this course we will explore how research in these and related areas, including proteomics, have advanced our fundamental understanding of (1) organisms in the three domains of life, and their interactions and evolutionary relationships; (2) biological systems and environments, such as the human body, extreme environments, and the oceans; (3) strategies for solving global challenges in medicine, agriculture, energy resources, and environmental sciences. During the course, students will meet each week for one hour with a tutorial partner and the instructor. Every other week, students will present a written and oral critical analysis of the assigned research articles. On alternate weeks, students will question/critique the work of their colleague.
The Class: Format: tutorial
Limit: 10
Expected: 10
Class#: 3351
Grading: no pass/fail option, no fifth course option
Requirements/Evaluation: five (4-5 page) papers, tutorial presentations, and the student's effectiveness as a critic
Prerequisites: BIOL 202
Enrollment Preferences: open to juniors and seniors; senior Biology majors who have not taken a 400-level course
Unit Notes: BIMO, BIGP; does not satisfy the distribution requirement for the Biology major
Distributions: Division III Writing Skills
WS Notes: Weekly written assignments consisting of four-page critique papers (five total during a semester) and two-page response papers (five total during a semester). Students will receive from the instructor timely comments on their writing skills, with suggestions for improvement.
Attributes: BIGP Recommended Courses
BIMO Interdepartmental Electives

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