BIOL 100
Biology Through the Media Intensive Winter 2022
Division III
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Biology Through The Media explores the foundational concepts examined in the Department’s introductory series (Biology 101 and Biology 102) by using the ‘greatest hits’ of stories that have made their way into the news outlets, television and film media. The first section of the course investigates cell structure and function in terms of energy needs and how information is conveyed in a cell. The last half the course will focus upon the developmental and evolutionary processes that have given rise to the diversity of life. This is a qualitative-focused, non-majors course and, as such, the students are not expected to have any background in biology. As this class counts as both a semester course and winter study course, the students are expected to attend class and to spend a significant time on the course. The students should dedicate approximately 50 hours per week to this class. The number of topics we will cover is numerous and wide-ranging and will be done so at a faster rate than what is observed during a regular semester. Each afternoon, the TAs and myself will be available to support student learning of the material.
The Class: Format: lecture; Daily 10am- noon and 2-4pm (about 70 contact hours, plus 6 hours for quizzes and exams).
Limit: no limit
Expected: 20
Class#: 1346
Grading: no pass/fail option, no fifth course option
Requirements/Evaluation: Problem sets will be assigned daily. The students are expected to spend a significant amount of time on the homework problems each afternoon and to hand in their assigned work. Evaluation will be based on papers, quizzes and exams. Quizzes, exams and papers must be completed by the student alone, however, students may work together on the problem sets and in-class exercises.
Prerequisites: Permission of a dean.
Enrollment Preferences: students who need to make up a deficiency
Unit Notes: This course is designed to count for both full semester and Winter Study credit. Once a dean approves enrollment, the Registrar's Office will register students in both BIOL 100 and BIOL 41.
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