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COGS 493
Advanced Topics in Mind and Cognition Fall 2020
Division II

Class Details

In the last decade the science of the mind has continued to draw on its 20th century history as well as expand its methodological repertoire. In this tutorial we will investigate current trends in mind and cognition by considering research in cognitive neuroscience, embodied cognition, dynamic systems theory, and empirical approaches to consciousness. Throughout, we will attend both to the specific empirical details as well as the conceptual foundations of this work. We will discuss how it elaborates, expands, and sharpens early views of the domain and methodology of philosophy of mind and cognitive science.
The Class: Format: tutorial; This tutorial will be offered remotely at a time agreed upon by the students and instructor.
Limit: 4
Expected: 2
Class#: 2244
Grading: no pass/fail option, no fifth course option
Requirements/Evaluation: Substantial essay (5-7 pages) every two weeks on assigned material and commentary on tutorial partner's work. Essays will be due in advance and presented orally in tutorial.
Prerequisites: Senior Cognitive Science concentrator
Enrollment Preferences: Open only to Senior Cognitive Science concentrators
Distributions: Division II

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