Hindi 2021-22

The Critical Languages Program enables students to study important foreign languages relevant to their academic interests but not taught in regular courses at Williams. The program can field a limited number of courses per year, and it has offered one-year of elementary Hebrew, Hindi, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, and Swahili thus far. Students work independently with standard language textbooks and audio materials for roughly ten hours per week and attend biweekly group review sessions with tutors who are native speakers. Language faculty from other institutions provide the course syllabus, conduct the exams, and determine the final grades. An organizational meeting for enrolled students is held the first week of each semester.

Interested students must present an application and have it approved before registering for a course. Applications are available during the first two weeks of April and can be obtained from the Coordinator at the Center for Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, Hollander 230. These are year-long courses. More information can be foundĀ on the Critical Languages site.

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