CSCI 345
Robotics and Digital Fabrication Spring 2025
Division III Quantitative/Formal Reasoning

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This course is a hands-on exploration of topics in robotics and digital fabrication. We will experience firsthand how ideas and methods from computer science can be applied to make physical objects, including robots and other machines. The emphasis will be on creative, hands-on experimentation. Along the way, students will learn the basics of embedded systems programming (Arduino), breadboarding, soldering, printed circuit board (PCB) design, mechanical computer-aided design (CAD)–both conventional (OnShape) and programmatic (OpenSCAD)–as well digital fabrication (3D-printing, laser cutting). Students will learn both how to build their own prototypes and how to send out designs to have parts machined professionally. Students will work in teams throughout. The course will culminate in a team robotic design competition testing both functionality and creativity.
The Class: Format: lecture/laboratory
Limit: 18; 9/lab
Expected: 18
Class#: 3049
Grading: no pass/fail option, no fifth course option
Requirements/Evaluation: Evaluation based on assignments, projects, and exams.
Prerequisites: CSCI 237
Enrollment Preferences: Current or expected Computer Science majors
Materials/Lab Fee: A fee of $150-$200 will be added to the term bill to cover the purchase of consumable electronics, motors, 3D-printing filament, and stock used in the assignments and final project.
Distributions: Division III Quantitative/Formal Reasoning
QFR Notes: The course will include programming assignments and problem sets in which quantitative/formal reasoning skills are practiced and evaluated.

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