DANC 306
Modern Dance III: Intermediate/Advanced Modern Dance Fall 2022
Division I
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Designed for students ready to continue developing their modern/contemporary dance skills, this course will focus on the application of movement principles appropriate/essential for building a more advanced dance practice, including improved anatomical awareness and alignment, the integration of complex movement patterns, increased ability to sustain energetic flow, developing a more sophisticated rhythmic awareness, and emphasis on using dance as a form of expression. Live musical accompaniment will challenge students to work closely with nuances of sound in order to further develop their personal musicality. Longer phrases of movement and excerpts from choreography will be taught in order for students to fully embody the art form, deepening their understanding of modern dance performance.
The Class: Format: studio; Studio. This class can be repeated and meets for the full semester, twice per week. May be taken for PE (2 credits, full semester required) or partial academic credit. Students seeking partial academic credit must contact the instructor for enrollment assistance. Partial academic credit does NOT go towards the required # for graduation, but will appear on final transcripts. Students seeking PE credit must register through the PE Dept. For FULL academic credit, see DANC 315.
Limit: 20
Expected: 10
Class#: 1801
Grading: pass/fail option only
Requirements/Evaluation: Evaluation is based on the quality of participation and progress over the course of the semester with the creative and physical concepts taught. Students will be assessed on their individual progress.
Prerequisites: DANC 206: Modern Dance II and/or other department dance courses/ensembles with intermediate technique components, and /or permission of the instructor; may be repeated for credit.
Enrollment Preferences: Any student with adequate prior training is welcome in this class. Students unsure if their experience in dance provides enough preparation, and/or are unknown to the instructor should contact the instructor before registering.
Distributions: Division I

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