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DANC 108
Dancing in the Streets Spring 2021
Division I

Class Details

Dancing in the Streets is a song composed during the summer of 1964 and popularized by Motown artists Martha and the Vandellas. This song continues to be interpreted as an enduring anthem for celebration and as a call for action serving as an example of how the practice of artists can embody history. We will examine the impact of vernacular African American dance and music in Asia, Africa and Europe. Lindy Hop, tap dance , jazz music , rhythm and blues continue to impact use of the body and its presentation in eastern and western performance traditions. Are contemporary artists engaged in collaborations that are using the body in ways that are specific and that blur cultural referencing? How are they documenting and commenting on the past and the present? We will look at the work of artists such as Donald Glover (This is America) , Beyonce (Lemonade and Formation), Nora Chipaumire and BTS to consider the use of dance as an element in the media that represents them. What questions are artists ? What statements are they making? What can be made that responds to this work and that reflects your own stories? Course meetings will include: 1. Weekly movement and music sessions to learn selected dance and music material 2. Weekly discussion of readings , media and other course materials 3. Making a solo and a collaborative project during the semester to be shared as a final project 4.A short research paper on an artist, movement or form that your work informs your work
The Class: Format: seminar; Seminar/Studio. This course is a continuing collaboration with Gotham Arts Academy in Brooklyn, New York and will include sessions and collaboration with participating students. Other resources include guest artists and scholars, Jacob's Pillow Dance Interactive and Archives, the Williams College Museum of Art, Japan Society of New York, Global Arts Boston, and the '62 Center for Theatre and Dance Center Series.
Limit: 16
Expected: 12
Class#: 4286
Grading: yes pass/fail option, yes fifth course option
Requirements/Evaluation: Scheduled showings of material in progress, quality of participation in discussion of materials and class events, quality of a short research paper and final project
Prerequisites: None. Intended as a second part to DANC 107. Courses do not need to be taken in sequence. Please contact the instructor if you have questions. Students who are beginners and experienced makers of dance, music, visual art, theater are welcome.
Enrollment Preferences: An interest in the arts, culture, history and /or experience in dance, music, writing, visual art, media and theater. Students who have taken fall course will be given preference. However, it is not a requirement and permission of professor may be sought
Distributions: Division I

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