ECON 457
Public Economics Research Seminar Spring 2017 Division II;
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In this class, students will learn how to read, critically evaluate, and begin to produce empirical research on important and interesting public policy questions. Topics will be selected from across the spectrum of public economics issues and may vary from year to year. Examples of specific topics that may be covered include education, environmental policy, taxation, income inequality, anti-poverty policy, health care policy, the economics of crime and corruption, and the implications of behavioral economics and psychology for public policy (we will typically only cover a subset of these topics). Applications will be drawn mostly from the United States but we will also consider some issues and evidence from other industrialized and developing countries. The course will especially emphasize the critical analysis of empirical evidence on public policy questions.
The Class: Type: a mix of lecture, seminar discussion, and time in a computer lab learning to work with data and estimate econometric models
Limit: 19
Expected: 19
Class#: 3113
Requirements/Evaluation: a 15- to 20-page research paper (written in stages) that is a combination of a research proposal and an original empirical analysis of data, a series of short papers and empirical exercises, and regular constructive contributions to class discussion
Prerequisites: ECON 255, ECON 251, and ECON 120
Enrollment Preference: senior Economics majors
Department Notes: ideal preparation for seniors (or juniors, if offered in the spring) interested in writing an ECON thesis, or for students who want a taste of the kind of original empirical research one would do for a thesis without actually having to commit to a thesis
Distributions: Division II;
Attributes: ENVP PE-A Group Electives; ENVP SC-A Group Electives; POEC U.S. Political Economy + Public Policy Course

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